Learn to improve your handwriting at any age.


Does good handwriting make a difference?

Handwriting research points to the fact children that have acquired good penmanship skills…
  • Learn to read more quickly
  • Are able to generate ideas
  • Retain information more efficiently

Recent evidence shows…

1. That there is a unique neurocircuit created when we write creating a special way of improving word recognition. 

2. Three areas of the brain important for reading are stimulated when we write words. Finally, 

3. Children with better handwriting have more neural activation in areas associated with memory 

4. They are able to summon more creative writing topics. 

The evidence clearly points to the importance of handwriting skills to student learning. If a school has decided to stop teaching handwriting skills, parents must help children learn how to use cursive correctly.

While it is true that no good data exist linking intelligence and handwriting, it is still quite important to have nice handwriting. Attractive handwriting gives a great first impression because those viewing the handwriting will automatically think better of one’s ability to be neat and well-organized. It is quite common for individuals who observe poor handwriting to judge a person’s intelligence and neatness based on their handwriting. When writing is difficult, composition can suffer, too. This is because the student writes shorter sentences and smaller words just so they don’t have to write as much. Poor handwriting ability can affect performance in school and other aspects of life.

Poor handwriting develops when students are asked to begin writing too young. The ability to write easily and effortlessly requires good fine motor control and is usually developmentally present by the time girls reach nine years of age and boys reach ten years of age. In order to complete required writing assignments prior to these ages, many children must adopt habits that interfere with good penmanship. These habits can be held onto for a lifetime: so when a child is developmentally ready to write well, the bad habits interfere with the ability to display good handwriting skills.

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